Over 30 certificates in Phlebology (varicose vein treatment).

- Specialist doctor in General Surgery.
- General ultrasonographer.
- Full registered surgeon in The General Medical Council of The United Kingdom.
- Over 30 certificates in Phlebology.
- Member of The American College of Phlebology.
- Member in The International Union of Phlebology.
- Member of The European Venous Forum.


Varicose veins treatment in UK

Establishing the most effective treatment method must necessarily start with a thorough ultrasound-doppler. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the root of the disease is established (the vein / veins underlying the disease and causing it) and the parameters of these veins including the diameter of the veins involved, their content (whether or not containing blood  clots), the relationship of these veins to the skin and to the other veins, especially with the deep venous system. And after we have all this information we can establish a treatment plan and give a prognosis (what expectations can we get from the treatment).
Treatment methods may range from simple sclerotherapy injections followed by an external laser (if needed), eco-guided sclerotherapy, endovenoses laser ablation, venous occlusion with biological glue, micro-flebectomy ( Eliminating the branches of the main veins through small incisions of about 2-3 mm) or combinations between these methods that are adjusted according to the needs of each case.

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